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An excellent appraisal of your property by experts with over 30 years of experience in real estate is one of the major factors for a successful sale. Our company, present in Switzerland and France, assists our clients in selling their houses, lands, businesses, and much more... Are you considering selling an apartment, a mansion, a villa, or land, or do you simply want to know the market value of your property?

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Here are the various steps to ensure a qualified sale.

Step 1 :
Good-ID Immo

Handles a real estimation to ensure the sale at the right price

The first step in a real estate sale is to find a professional, recognized, and competent real estate agency in your region to conduct a thorough appraisal of your property at the right market price. An accurate price aligned with the real market value accelerates the sales process by attracting serious and qualified buyers, saving you time and energy.

Good-ID Immo offers to carry out an appraisal of your real estate with a professional, recognized, and competent expert in your region in Switzerland. The aim is to simplify the process for you and achieve a real estate sale under the best conditions

Step2 :
Signing a sales mandate

For the management of the sale of your real estate by an agency, it is essential to sign a sales mandate. During a real estate sale, several options are available to the owner who decides to entrust their property to an real estate agency:
– Signing a simple mandate

– Signing a semi-exclusive mandate
– Signing an exclusive mandate

Step3 :
Showcasing the real estate

Following the signing of a sales mandate between the owner and a real estate agency, it is essential to highlight the property using various tools to encourage prospective buyers to visit. Several steps will be taken by the broker for a successful real estate sale :
– Creating a Plan Communication & Marketing
- Producing high-quality photos (possibly a video)
- Creating an attractive sales brochure
– Publishing one or more value-added real estate listings (highlighting photos and text)
- We showcase your property on our Good-ID Immo, website, our social media channels, real estate platforms in Switzerland and abroad, advertising signs, and more.
- We conduct newsletter campaigns targeting various parties in search of a property.

- Le Home Staging I Sometimes, a few adjustments can make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Utilize Home Staging techniques, literally the "staging of the home." This can lead to a quicker and more profitable sale.

Step 4 :
Organizing and conducting property viewings

In a real estate sale, a good selling strategy always leads to serious and qualified visits. To inspire buyers to make an attractive purchase offer, it is important to highlight the strengths of the property while conveying a positive and reassuring message during visits. It is also recommended to address any flaws in the property by transforming them into positive elements for prospective buyers

Step5 :
Managing purchase offers

fter several visits from interested buyers, one or more purchase offers will be submitted to the seller. Among all the offers received, the task is to select the highest one or the one that seems most appealing based on the seller's situation.

Step 6 :
To sign the sales agreement

fter accepting the most favorable offer, the next step is to sign a preliminary sales agreement at a notary's office. This document will include the buyer's suspensive conditions (such as obtaining a mortgage, etc.) and will later enable the signing of the final deed of sale.

Step7 :
The buyer's financing

When a buyer acquires a property, in the vast majority of cases, they resort to applying for a mortgage from a Swiss banking institution.

During this process, the bank assesses the buyer's maximum debt capacity. In its calculation, the bank primarily considers two main criteria: equity and income.

Step8 :
The signing of the deed of sale at the notary's office

Once the buyer has received confirmation of their financing approval from the bank, it is necessary to proceed to the notary's office for the signing of the final deed of sale. Only a notary is authorized to authenticate real estate transactions in Switzerland. After signing the deed, the buyer will become the owner of the property.

To transition from selling to relocation

Have you considered your relocation?
Good-ID Immo Handles finding you a new residence.

From selling to acquiring a new property, it's just one step. Entrust us with this challenging task and relieve yourself of administrative processes, searches, and other complications that may arise during this transitional period.

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