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Good-ID Immo takes care of making a real estimate in order to ensure the sale at the right price.
An excellent evaluation of your property by experts with over 30 years in the real estate business is one of the major factors in the sale. The first step in a real estate sale is to find a professional, recognized and competent real estate agency in your area in order to have a thorough appraisal of your property at the right market price. A fair price corresponding to the real market value will accelerate the selling process by attracting serious and qualified buyers while saving you time and energy.A complete expertise of your propertyDuring a first appointment without commitment and therefore free of charge, we make an estimate of the value of a property (house, apartment, land, building) to see and study together the sales scheme in order to best meet your expectations.This first report will then allow us to establish an evaluation. The selling price of your property is then carefully fixed by an expert in real estate brokerage and estimation in order to allow you to sell your property within the desired time frame.From the online real estate estimate to the signatureFrom the property valuation to the signing of the deed of sale, including the various documents to be filled in, there are several steps: we guarantee you complete professional services based on an increased know-how of the local and national market. The value of your property, calculated following this real estate evaluation, is based on various factors and tools, such as its location, its layout, its condition, its surface, the number of rooms, its typology, the floor, the view, its year of construction, whether it has a parking space or a garden, the type of renovations carried out, the price per m² of the region in question or even its orientation and sunshine.If you wish to entrust our real estate agency with the sale of your property, we will rely on our large client portfolio, which includes many buyers, as well as our solid local and international real estate networks.
Have a fair evaluation of the selling price
When you sell your house or the apartment in which you have lived for many years, it is difficult to give it an objective value. We could better evaluate the real value of your property according to its characteristics, its condition and its location. The real estate agent has access to the latest real sale prices, not only the prices posted in the ads. With this information, he is able to provide an accurate estimate.
Benefit from the services of professionals
To entrust the sale of your property to a single real estate agency, you must sign an exclusive mandate. You can call upon several agencies via a simple mandate, but multiplying the number of participants does not increase the efficiency of the sale. A real estate agent masters all the steps of a real estate transaction and can advise you at any time. He takes care of the preparation of the real estate advertisement and the publicity for your object.
Widen the distribution of your sale ad
Many buyers consult real estate ads on the Internet. Alone, you could put the advertisement of your house for sale on some websites, but it is a tedious and often expensive operation. Thanks to a real estate agency, your ad will be published on these websites, but also on many others reserved for professionals, the website of the agency and possibly on flyers distributed in your neighborhood or magazines. Not to mention that the agency can operate with a shared file system within its network. For you, nothing changes: you remain in contact with a single contact but your ad is distributed by several agencies, thus potentially seen by more potential buyers.
Manage contacts and future buyers
Selling your home requires a lot of availability. If you do not wish to manage the calls and visits of future buyers, it is better to go through a real estate agency. By choosing a professional, you also save yourself the often complex negotiation phases. The real estate agent will act as an intermediary and will only communicate to you the offers that will satisfy you.
A worry-free transaction
To sell one's home, one must provide many documents, being supported by a real estate agent during the whole selling process is very reassuring and a guarantee to respect the law on real estate transactions and not to have any bad surprises afterwards.

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