You wish to entrust your property to Good-ID Immo
for seasonal rental management?

The seasonal rental management is a derivative of the rental management of a classic lease.
It consists in managing the rental of a property rented for a short period of time. This type of lease with a limited duration has specific advantages and constraints, which makes seasonal rental management slightly different from the classical one.

What are the seasonal rental management services provided by
Good-ID Immo ?

As an owner of an apartment, a chalet or a house who wishes to avoid time-consuming tasks, you can obtain a seasonal rental management service.
The services which will be proposed to you will be obviously adapted to the specificities of the seasonal hirings, that it is on the level of the management of the good, or with regard to the geographical sector in which it is located.

Here are the main services in seasonal rental management offered by Good-ID Immo :

  •  Promotion of the property on the web.

  •  Inventory of fixtures on arrival and departure.

  •  Customer service throughout the rental period.

  •  Housekeeping and cleaning management by the cleaning lady (very recurrent task for this type of rental).

  •  The management of the sheets

  •  Regular control of the state of the property.

  •  Proposal of additional insurance policies best suited to the seasonal rental.

  •  Management of reservations

    If your property is located in a building that has a concierge service, the rental manager will work closely with the concierge and all other necessary service providers to ensure that your rental investment is always in excellent condition.

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Why delegate the management of your vacation rental to
Good-ID Immo ?

There are many reasons why an owner may decide to delegate his seasonal rental management to a professional.
For a classic rental, the management work already requires time and personal investment, but in the context of a short-term rental, the rental management is a major issue. Indeed, it is what can make the difference and allow the owner to rent his property quickly, to limit the rental vacancies and to make sure to keep a property in excellent condition as the tenants' stays will follow each other.

The seasonal rental management is a significant parameter to optimize the profitability of its rental investment.

What are the specificities of seasonal rental management?

1. The distance
Most of the time the seasonal rentals are located in tourist areas such as on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the mountains or in large cities such as Lausanne. The owners who decide to invest in these areas usually live very far from the property they will rent. However, seasonal rental means a large number of changes of tenants, because the duration of the lease is short. In order to be able to carry out the inventory of fixtures of entry and exit, but also all the administrative procedures which result from it, to delegate its management by Good-ID Immo takes all its direction in this situation.

2. The cleaning
Here again, it is a particularity of the seasonal rental management. Since tenants arrive and leave very often, the cleaning of the property, the change of sheets, the cleaning, are all tasks that must be done regularly.
Good-ID Immo will take care of all these details by working with a cleaning lady, a concierge and by making sure that the linen is of good quality for the tenants.

3. The appearance of the property 
A seasonal rental is mainly intended for travelers, vacationers, tourists. This type of client is looking for a pleasant, well appointed, well decorated and impeccable property where there is nothing to do. The property manager will do what is necessary to make the apartment desirable to rent and will promote the property on the web to ensure that the owner can quickly find new tenants as soon as there is availability.
In addition, it is essential to take very nice pictures of the property, in order to prove the quality of the rental.

4. The state of the premises
Finally, the inventory of fixtures is obviously omnipresent in seasonal rental management. Here again, the owner often does not have the time to take care of it and prefers to delegate this task to Good-ID Immo

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